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21 Oct 2008

Look Out, Europe, Here We Come!

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Well we survived Las Vegas, LA, Reading ... um ... and that's about it. Now we're taking to the road again in a European convention double-bill.

First stop is Essen Spiel - perhaps the largest game fair in the world, with a reputed 300,000 visitors over four days, the very mention of its name is enough to give a thousand geekgasms. Sadly, we're still banned from the place but they never said we couldn't visit. How we go about networking and striking deals incognito is perhaps a little trickier:
- "So, who do you represent"
- "Erm, I'm not allowed to tell you"
- "What are you trying to sell me?"
- "I'll mime it for you".

If you're also going to Essen, drop us a line. We're having ein grossen Party mit vielen fun-und-games on Saturday evening at the Fantasy En'Counter game shop in town. Join us for some war on terror-ing. Play the game. Get your own signed, personalised copy of War on Terror. Win prizes. And there's also a rumour going round that we'll be unveiling a prototype of our new game. We started those rumours; they're true, just in case you were still confused.

There's a rumour going round that we'll be unveiling a prototype of our new game. We started those rumours. Next stop - Lucca in Italy for Lucca Comics & Games '08. This runs from 30 October to 2 November and we're actually allowed into this one. It's by far the largest convention we've ever exhibited at: about 85,000 people are expected over the four days. We don't really know how it'll all go down with the Italians, but their renown sartorial sense will surely appreciate our day-glo orange jumpsuits, if nothing else.

Stay tuned. We'll be posting updates from the road as and when we can. Oh and just in case it wasn't clear, the picture is of Andy T loading up 'Alfie the Ambulance'. Yes, we're going round Europe in an Ambulance. Somehow it's kind of fitting.


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