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14 Oct 2008

War on Terror at the BBC

Gallery snapshot. View gallery of War on Terror at the BBC

We were recently invited onto BBC radio to talk about global liberation, censorship, the police, balaclavas, money, fear, family and good old fashioned English queuing, all under the banner of our board game. What else?

You can read the BBC's article here, and with the wonders of modern technology you can even listen to the entire interview here.

It was terribly nice of the folks at BBC Radio Cambridgshire to invite us into their broadcasting domain. Very brave of them really. If you listen carefully, we might have even shot ourselves in the foot at one point by admitting to organised crime. But let's just keep that to ourselves... and...er...radio.

And to be serious for a moment, just in case it's not clear, the above photo from left to right, Andy T, Andy S and Tom. Rock on.


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