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21 Apr 2009

6-hours-on-the-High-Street record broken!

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Yes, it's hard to believe but we've broken our previous record of having a game for sale in a high street shop. Currently standing at just over one whole week and going strong, it's looking good ...

As keen followers of this blog will know, our previous record was around 6 hours, held by War on Terror on the shelves of Zavvi.

Now Borders in Cambridge (UK) have smashed that record by selling Crunch right by their tills for over a week (see picture for evidence). How awesome is that?

Inspired by this latest victory, we have contacted other high street outlets, including giants like Tesco, Toys R Us and Woolworths. While we're still struggling with the submissions process for Tesco and Toys R Us, at least they haven't turned us down yet. Still no reply from Woolies.

We need your support! If Crunch sells well in Cambridge Borders, then it may get recommended for nation-wide stores. This could be the small chink of an open door that we've been waiting for. Please, please, please if you or anyone you know lives near Cambridge and fancies a spot of financial foolery, then go to Borders and buy your copy there. Your reward will be a warm feeling deep inside that you've helped TerrorBull Games post record Q1 profits in 2009.

Only joking, we're skint. Government bail out please! Too big to fail! Etc. etc.


Posted by TerrorBull Games on 21 April 2009 - 3 comments

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Comments so far:

  1. I presume you know that War on Terror has been on permanent sale in the Army store on St Andrews Street, even garnering valuable window space! If only Google had been along that street, you'd be able to see it on StreetView...Stuart from Cambridge - 24 April 2009
  2. You've contacted Woolworths?! Now that's impressive considering they and their 'Pic n' Mix' collapsed into the depths of the economic depression a while ago. Have you been holding some sort of marketing seance??Monocle from Hove, UK - 27 April 2009
  3. ...and furthermore, as much as I appreciated the Woolies gag, where pray is War on Terror 2? I fear I cannot wait for my balaclava much longer!Monocle from Hove, UK - 27 April 2009

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