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01 Dec 2009

Our Anti-Decorations Will Darken-Up Any Room

For some, Christmas is all carols, mince pies and baby Jesus. For others it's a good excuse to meet up with friends and relatives for a day or so. And for others it's a grotesque and desperate orgy of consumption. We know what you're thinking - if only there were a way to ruin Christmas for all of these people at once. Well now there is ...

For all you misanthropes out there, we made something that should overshadow any celebration like a cloud of depression and will induce pangs of guilt whenever anything remotely pleasurable occurs. Behold our anti-decorations!

Download template: Anti-decorations PDF (900kb) or Anti-decorations hi-res JPEG (600kb)

It's an anti-Christmas tree fairy and a an anti-Christmas paper chain, designed to make sure we don't forget the massive illegal war we've been engaged in for 8 years. Just a suggestion, but you could use lametta as 'electrical wires' for the fairy.

And if Christmas means nothing to you - maybe you're Muslim, for example - then view this simply as a decoration for your office or car. It's a gift. Like democracy. No, please, don't thank us.


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