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21 Dec 2009

TerrorBull Games infiltrates "hotbed of capitalism" and WINS!

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Saturday was fun. We spent the day freezing our asses off manning a stall in our local shopping centre. It was the first time we've been granted a 'shopping mall' space (one of the few advantages of 'the crunch' seems to be people are less picky and we get breaks that we wouldn't normally get), so this was a rare opportunity for us to get a taste of the 'High Street'.

The hustle and bustle, the lights, the piped carols on a 34 minute repeating loop ... ah, it was glorious. We were so deliriously in our element that we barely noticed the sub-zero temperatures, or the fact that we were placed next to an exit that acted like a kind of Arctic wind-tunnel.

But what an insane day! We sold out of War on Terror half way through and had to go back to the bunker to get stocked up again. It's almost as if Christmas is somehow associated with playing games. Quite a few people noticing us "off the telly". Fame is good, but still no offers of casual sex. That's the BBC4 audience for you.

The hustle and bustle, the lights, the piped carols on a 34 minute repeating loop ... ah, it was gloriousIt was vaguely amusing being opposite HMV. Their response about having "every fringe group in the country camped outside their doors" if they dare stock War on Terror was ringing in our ears as we kept a nervous eye out for signs of fringe camps being hastily erected.

In fact, despite the shopping centre being mildly concerned that we might upset "elderly people", the only unfavourable attention we drew all day was from a group of 15-year-old scallies trying to steal as many of our chocolate coins as possible.

Well we've got just one more blog post to put up before the end of the year, but it's full of complaining and depressing stuff, so let's stick the happy Christmas wishes in here instead: Happy whatever-it-is-you-do-this-time-of-year and see you on the other side. Here's to the new decade!

You want a present? Just came across this picture that really sums up what fighting the war on terror means for the man on the street.


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