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14 Dec 2009

TerrorBull Games on TV tonight

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The beautiful and venerable utopia of celebrity beckons us, finally. For tonight on BBC4 at 9pm* we'll be featured as part of a documentary series charting the history of games in the UK - Games Britannia, presented by historian Benjamin Woolley.

We'd like to claim that our contribution involves stimulating erudite and insightful discussion with regard to the use of games as educational and satirical vehicles. However, we were interviewed for the programme back in April and none of us have much recollection of the day. Most likely we will be sitting around a table, wearing the balaclava, giggling and talking over the nearest person in danger of making an interesting point.

Regardless, it's quite significant for us since this is the first bit of major press that has focussed on what we, as TerrorBull Games, are doing, rather than a news piece reacting to one of our games.

We are now officially famous. Peasants, form a line and prepare to worship us. Next stop: Morrison's adverts.

* Anyone outside of the UK probably won't be able to view it, sorry.There are various work-arounds using proxy networks to get iPlayer working but they're pretty advanced if you're not a geek. If you are a geek, you probably know this already. (This might be the most unhelpful paragraph ever written).

Edit: Now available on iplayer (skip to around 52'30 for our contribution)


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