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28 Jan 2009

Official: War on Terror is Art

Gallery snapshot. View gallery of Official: War on Terror is Art

At least in official circles, the phrase, "War on Terror", looks like it's being relegated to an unfortunate blip in history, while the crimes committed in its shadow continue regardless. In this reflexive mood, there's more opportunity and scope for analysis; people start looking at the subject in different ways.

So we were very excited when one of the curators of the Embedded Art exhibition at the Academy of Arts in Berlin got in touch to ask if they could use War on Terror as part of the exhibition.

we'll hopefully be playing a game of WoT at the museum in the evening Described as "an interdisciplinary exhibition focussing on the societal shifts caused by the universal desire for security", the exhibition features 28 specially commissioned works of art from different artists. War on Terror is going to be on show in the exhibition's archive room in the main exhibition hall, along with photos, books and other objects related to the subject.

Not only that, but we'll hopefully be playing a game of WoT at the museum in the evening of Saturday 31 January as part of their "Long Night" events programme, which promises to be a lot of fun.

To make the most of our brief stay in Berlin, we'll also be hosting a games night at the Spielwiese games shop on Friday 30 January from about 7pm where we'll also be demonstrating our new card game (which is also the reason we've been quiet for so long ... more on that later).

So if you're in Berlin, please drop by to either or both events and say Gutentag. It'd be lovely to see you all.


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