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03 Jun 2009

UK Games Expo - Birmingham, UK

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First of all, grovelling apologies for the prolonged silence. We've been working on a couple of things and will have some cool news for you soon. Meanwhile, the UK Games Expo in Birmingham has snuck up on us. We're going! So should you. Here's why:

- It's only ten quid for a weekend ticket. That's a bargain. Loads of events going on.
- This is your first chance to play Crunch with the people who made it.
- We're going to experiment with a purely market-driven pricing structure for Crunch. This means that when people don't buy it, the price will go down; when people buy it, the price goes up. This may end disastrously for us, but it sounds like fun.
- As part of the above set up, we've bought some cool new props including an awesome bell. That may not sound too inspiring, but seriously, you guys - AWESOME. Visit us and we might let you ring it.
- There's no GenCon UK this year, so this is basically your gaming fix if you live in the UK.

We're also seriously, seriously low on War on Terror. It's looking like this will be the last of edition 1. Your last chance to buy a slice of history. Ah, the nostalgia pound, so untapped.

Hope to see you this weekend in sunny Brum!


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