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19 Mar 2009

Making of the Crunch

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The printers started rolling at the Crunch factory today and we went down to London to see the first copies come off the presses.

Having never been in an industrial printers before, it was quite an education: Hot, noisy and an overpowering smell of ink, We met the printer operators who were in charge of making sure Crunch will look as best it can. One of the surprises was how much more manual the process was that we thought. Despite a 1.5 million pound machine, everything ultimately relied on the trained and experienced eyes of the operators.

Colours checked and signed off, the moment of truth came and the printer was switched on. This thing can shift paper! About half an hour later and 5,000 sets of card backs had been printed. Pretty impressive.

Very exciting to see Crunch coming together. It's looking awesome and the wait now is killing us. Still, we have more than enough to occupy our thoughts and time until then ... like build this website.

Thanks to everyone at Carta Mundi who were so welcoming and friendly to us. It's good to know our second baby is in safe hands.


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