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29 Mar 2009

Salute 09

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We returned to Salute this year to find the Docklands area swarming with police and searching traffic furniture. Had they been tipped off we were coming? No. They were simply, or we should say, thoroughly, preparing for Obama's visit.

With the ambulance packed full of War on Terror, Crunch and a healthy supply of Evil Balaclavas which, as you may know, have previously been branded criminal by Police we thanked our lucky stars we weren't stopped,searched and detained. So we happily drove the ambulance into the heart of the Excel centre nearly knocking over a number of stalls as we went.

Last year we sold out of War on Terror before the day was up. This year though we were unleashing Crunch into the public realm for the first time and didn't know what to expect.

Any fears we had concerning the reception to Crunch were laid to rest as it proved more popular than our much loved War on Terror. We're not sure but perhaps this was due to the fact that recently the Obama administration has tried to rebrand the War on terror as 'overseas contingency operations'.

Folk that approached our stand from the War on Terror end complimented us on our initiative and said, 'You guys should tackle the Credit Crunch' and we invited them to the other end of our TerrorBull tables where we were unveiling Crunch for the first time. Quite a few people stopped midway to comment on how useful the balaclavas could be that week with the G20 in town. So when anybody did buy a balaclava, we didn't ask any questions (we have had reports in the fetish scene that they are quite popular), but we did ask them to heed the label ; it has always read 'Play Nice'.

To all of those that attended, chatted, told us of great games nights you'd had and great games nights you were looking forward to, as well as all of you with newly acquired balaclavas, we thank you, and salute you all.


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