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26 Mar 2009

The Crunch is upon us!

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You may be interested to know we've just launched our second game: Crunch - the game for utter bankers. It's a card game, comes in a double box and fitting to the subject matter only costs £8.99. That's like a medium cappuccino from Starbucks. So we expect all of you to buy at least six.

The game itself is a lot less involved than War on Terror, but no less fun. Everyone takes on the role of a CEO of a global bank and while managing that bank you have to award yourself enough bonuses and embezzle enough to safeguard a healthy retirement fund. It's this personal stash at the end of the game that decides who the real winners and losers are. It's kind of like betting against yourself - the more you take out of your bank for your personal fortune, the weaker your bank becomes and the quicker you're out of the game. Read more about the gameplay here.

With any luck, we'll rescue the global economy with this game, just like we ended the War on Terror with our last one.


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