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25 Nov 2009

El Cruncho ist Polyglotastic

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The crunch is now being felt abroad: As of today, Crunch is available in 5 new foreign tongues. None of them English! So if you live in one of these funny gobbledegook lands, this will come as awesome news.

Over the past 5 months, Crunch has been painstakingly translated into Spanish ("Crisis"), French ("Krach"), German ("Crunch"), Italian ("Crisi!") and .... (drumroll, please) .... Estonian ("Masu").

In fact, this is TerrorBull Game's first ever licence deal so it's exciting times and another small step towards inevitable world domination. We're especially humbled that so many people have put their faith in us and in Crunch - especially since, you know, we are in a recession and times are tough. (Incidentally, did you hear the news yesterday about the secret emergency loans given to HBOS and the RBS by the Bank of England last year? You hear stuff like this and think 'but surely that can't be legal?'. What really gets us though is how the banks have recourse to any manner of help, regardless of their behaviour and yet when you go and ask for a loan because you've genuinely hit upon tough times, you're made to feel like a naughty and irresponsible 5-year-old. But we digress ... )

Another small step towards inevitable world domination Edge Entertainment in Spain take a lot of the credit here for having the vision and producing a lovingly re-worked version of our game and for sourcing the German and Italian manufacturing partners. Esticorp in Talinn, Estonia got in touch with us separately and showed brass Eastern European balls by licencing the game without even seeing it. Thank you, everyone, we know there were many more late nights than we know about and now it feels like we're a proper, grown-up business. Here's to the recession!

So, you're welcome, oversees chums. We envy you, being able to enjoy our contrived and tired puns in your native tongue. It must be a veritable joy.


Posted by TerrorBull Games on 25 November 2009 - 2 comments

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Comments so far:

  1. Hello I'd love to get an Estonian copy of the game, preferably before I next go there! Is it available online?Barry from Cambridge - 6 December 2009
  2. Hi Barry - try the website. I can't speak Estonian, but I'm sure there are instructions there: http://www.masumang.ee/TerrorBull Games - 8 December 2009

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