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24 Nov 2009

TerrorBull Games on Tour

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It's that time of year when we are forced against our better judgement to leave the safety of the bunker to meet our public. So listen up, proles, we're hitting the road and could soon be in a neighbourhood near you. That is, if you live in either London or Cambridge. Never let it be said that we don't push ourselves.

Wednesday 25 November Deutsche Bank, London
Don't ask us how, but we've managed to wangle a spot inside the Deutsche Bank HQ in the City to flog our games to the staff there. Silly banker outfits are mandatory. We'll either be embraced or chased out of town.

Saturday 5 December Mill Rd Winter Fair, Cambridge
(Don't be put off by the photo of the creepy misery-clown) The annual independent fair takes place on the first Saturday of December. There's always good food, street entertainment, lots of events and plenty of independent trades folk. Would go again. A+++

Sunday 6 December Instore at Playin' Games, London
It's our second visit to Playin' Games too. This is such a great shop, with genuinely knowledgable staff; if you've never been, get yourself down there. You could do far worse than source your entire Christmas shopping list here. We'll be demoing both War on Terror and Crunch

Saturday 12 December Instore at Borders, Cambridge
We return to our local Borders for another day of fun and games. They've recently taken a big step and 'come out of the closet' about War on Terror. Instead of "the other game", WoT is now being referred to by name on their website. (We actually prefer the shadowy menace of "the other game").

EDIT - best not mention Borders, eh? But we have got the following booked at a local shopping centre. Get in!

Saturday 19 December Lion Yard Shopping Centre, Cambridge
Last shopping Saturday before Christmas and we've managed to get into our first ever shopping centre. They must, literally, be desperate. Time to break out the megaphone.

So there you have it, every chance to pick up a game or two for your nearest and dearest. Remember, the greatest gift this Christmas is shock and awe. Kind of like Jesus and his miracles.


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