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15 Dec 2010

A Game for Greenpeace: Deepsea Desperation

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Usually when the phone rings down here in the bunker, we are fearful and suspicious. Our reaction to a ringing phone is not unlike that of a monkey being confronted by a remote-controlled car strapped with fireworks. Luckily, however, when the phone rang about 3 months ago, we gathered ourselves enough to answer it. Good job too, because on the other end was the marketing manager of Greenpeace International.

Greenpeace, it turns out, could be classed as "fans" of our games. War on Terror is apparently a hit in the office and we stayed on their radar, earning invisible brownie points with our foray into print-and-play games: Operation BP: Bullshit Plug not surprisingly caught their eye and then Mosqopoly finally did the trick and they called.

We had an interesting chat about games and activism and it seemed like Greenpeace were very interested in using a printable board game as campaign material. At this point, we were just happy and amazed that an organisation like Greenpeace were even aware of us, let alone actively investigating such a progressive idea.

You can imagine, then, how ecstatic we are that the idea actually came to fruition and today they released Deepsea Desperation, a print-and-play game about deepwater drilling. Not only that, but they said very kind things about us and called us "professional satirists". Made our week!

Here's our own game page with the necessary files and instructions. Please give it a go - and if you like it, feel free to tell Greenpeace how awesome they are for going out on a limb and trying something new.

We are very proud of this, our first commission. Not only is it a pleasure to produce a game for Greenpeace, but wouldn't it be amazing if similar organisations, NGOs and charities picked up on the power of games to communicate a message?


Posted by TerrorBull Games on 15 December 2010 - 5 comments

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  1. Awesome stuff!chris from auckland - 19 December 2010
  2. This is your best topic yet!Shirley - 2 March 2011
  3. Amazing post, truly!Shirley - 2 March 2011
  4. Shirley sounds like a robot without a purposeanonymous - 15 April 2011
  5. Love the War Criminal Captcha, by the way. Fucking brilliant!anonymous - 15 April 2011

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