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23 Dec 2010

Snow may look pretty. But try standing in it for 10 hours

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As we explained recently, in the run up to Christmas, we approached over 50 shopping centres, the length and breadth of the country, trying to get a stand to hawk our wares from. We were refused from every single one.

Even our local patch, Lion Yard, told us all hell would break loose if the public got the briefest glimpse of War on Terror. They doggedly stuck by this story, despite the fact that we were very successful there this time last year. In the words of the mighty Jarvis Cocker ....

Anyway, what else could we do but hit the markets. Unfortunately, we found out that it's not only the commercial mainstream that have it in for us - the weather decided to pitch in with a few obstacles too.

To all those people, it looked like we were just selling snow. So, on the coldest weekend of the coldest December in the UK since records began 100 years ago, we decided it would be a good idea to stand still, outside, for 10 hours.

Not only was it the coldest weekend, it also transpired to be the worst Christmas weekend in retail terms in living memory. Everyone either (wisely) stayed indoors or was out making snowmen. We think about 5 people walked past our stall at Camden on Saturday. To all those 5 people, it looked like we were just selling snow. 3 were interested. One bought.

fucking snow
Note how the mood changes: Rob displays the classic "market traders' wink" (above) while hope still remained. 1 hour later and things have taken a sharp downward turn. (below)

Still, two good things came of it. We got major kudos from the regulars for actually sticking the day out. Plus we managed to single-handedly start an EPIC snowball battle that spanned either side of Camden lock. It started off with throwing isolated snowballs at strangers 50 yards away and taunting them with the megaphone and escalated into a good, 80-strong battle that ranged up and down the canal for several hours.

Spare a thought for the next market trader you see. They have to put up with a lot of crap.

Merry whatsits to everyone. Bring on 2011!


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