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19 Jul 2010

War on Terror at the Secret garden Party, UK

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It's that time of year again, well, it's July in the year of 2010. So it's about time we had a War on Terror outing. We're going to come out of our bunker, blink in the sunlight, stretch our legs and then jolly well take War on Terror on the road.

Well, we're sending Tom out at any rate, it's too risky for the rest of us right now - we're working on Edition 2. And we only really trust Tom on his own to go as far as Huntingdon, so he will be appearing at the Secret Garden Party, in the depths of the Cambridgeshire countryside all alone. Make sure he doesn't get lost if you see him.

If you're passing, come to the Explorer Tent between 8pm and midnight this Thursday 22nd July. There will be War on Terror set up and ready to play. Tom will be on hand to answer any questions you might have concerning the games rules, cunning techniques on how to lose or just gawp as the chaos inevitably unravels throughout the evening under Tom's masterful hand. Either way, enjoy yourselves.


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