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20 Jul 2010

We're in the money!

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Or to be more precise, 6 brave folk are in the money. So a million thanks to everyone who took part in our experimental money auctions - whether bidding, watching or spreading the word around, your participation was vital and we're very grateful for it.

We weren't really sure what to expect, but in the end you helped us raise over £914.55 for Amnesty International, which is pretty damn good! Congratulations, new money people - you've done us proud and you've helped out a great cause too.

If you're interested in seeing the completed auctions, they'll be available here for a while: 5m, 10m, 20m, 50m, 100m & 500m

As I type, we're exporting all the artwork for War on Terror edition 2. It's terribly exciting, we can tell you.

Talking of new stuff, we have more exciting news. The TBG website - originally used as a front to kid prospective investors that we really existed - is getting a long overdue redesign. That's coming soon.

For those of you wondering, this does indeed mean that our existing stocks of War on Terror edition 1 are dwindling. The total print run was 25,000. Not bad going for a game that no one wanted to touch with a shitty stick ...

Anyway, we've boxed up our own pristine-1st-editions and stuck them in the attic for safe-keeping. If you're of a particular archivist or OCD bent, bear in mind that this is your last chance to secure a copy of the original version to preserve for all eternity. Quick! History depends on you!

Finest damn sales pitch ever.


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