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05 May 2010

The election hasn't completely escaped us ...

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It's the eve of our general election and ... well, we are terribly excited, we just can't begin to describe. Democracy is the shit, let me tell you that. Tomorrow, we get to choose which flavour of inept repression we'd most like for the next 5 years. You can have any flavour, as long as it's "self-serving".

Most likely, you'll be voting for someone you don't give a fig about, just because you don't want the Tories/Labour/LibDems getting in. Ahh, glorious democracy, how can we celebrate thee? (except for putting an 'x' in a box every 5 years)

Well, luckily, our resident illustrator extraordinaire has come to the rescue and given us a visual representation of the past few weeks. It's a beautiful tribute to a beautiful act, we hope you agree:

promises promises ... an election special

Cynical? Us?


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