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22 Nov 2010

Terrorbull Games Just Got A Bit More Sexy

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This past weekend, we were overheating our loins at Erotica UK. In case you're wondering, we were exhibiting, not exhibitionists. And it was a nice feeling not to be the freaky odd-ones-out for once. That honour was firmly awarded to the man-babies from Nursery Thymes who spent the entire show in nappies.

Of course, we were asked by a lot of people why we were selling board games at an erotica convention. Few people accepted the idea that there might be a fetish based around playing traditional table-top games (why is that harder to believe than there being a perversion related to dressing up as a dog and being kept in a padded cage?). The reality however is that we were welcomed with open arms at Erotica, which is more than can be said for a good many other conventions.

We had a feeling that the fun and open-minded atmosphere that we had heard was a big part of the convention would be a perfect complement to our games. And while it's fair to say most people hadn't anticipating walking away with a board game (and they didn't), the reaction was overwhelmingly positive and encouraging. So thanks, everyone, who made us feel welcome.

Few people accepted the idea that there might be a fetish based around playing traditional table-top gamesIs this a new direction for TerrorBull Games? Well, there's no reason why games can't be erotic - in fact, we were approached by a wonderful dominatrix (Mistress Absolute) who happily informed us that she played War on Terror with her slaves and wired them up to electricity so she could administer electric shocks as punishment. Stunned as we were by this new application for our games, nothing could really have prepared us for the pictures she later sent through ...

Despite all the fun and shenanigans, the event had an odd, clinical air - verging on a the asexual. This could be down to people like us diluting the eroticism (we all know that, if anything, we increased it) but I think not. It just wasn't the general celebration of sexuality that we were lead to believe. It could be down to the slightly corporate air, the lack of much participation on behalf of the visitors or the grotesque and massively bloated figures suspended from the ceiling that hung over the event like a morbid advert for some arthritic treatment.

We actually got a mention in The Register, whose analysis of the event was pretty spot-on. I felt rather guilty after reading it though, realising we were part of the rot.

Still, we can now proudly add "S&M dungeon" to the absurd (and ever-growing) list of places where War on Terror is enjoyed. Will this sexy madness ever end?


Posted by Andy S on 22 November 2010 - 1 comment

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  1. Show us the photos then!AID from Essex - 29 November 2010

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