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03 Sep 2010

Giant Mosctapus or Giant Mosqapus?

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Harry & Molly write: "We had a TerrorBull Games Night with two friends last night, where we played through all your games, from Bullshit Plug to War on Terror (complexity ramping up with each game). It was tremendous". We'll come back to comment on the foolish bravery of such an event in a bit, but Harry followed up with the suggestion that "'Mosqapus' is more entertaining than 'Mosctapus'". Something that has sparked a fierce row here at TBG HQ.

Andy S likes the unpronouncability of 'mosctapus' and finds it etymologically closer to the roots of both words, whereas Tom prefers the witty economy of 'mosqapus' and the deceptive 'q' that leads you to want to pronounce it 'qua' until you realise it actually forms the pivotal union between two words. We really can't make up our minds. However, it is important because "the giant mosqapus/mosctapus" has legs. 8 of them of course. But we expect to see it reappear again and we need to all agree on the name, OK? Please leave your suggestions in the comments box. Democracy in ACTION!

So Harry & Molly are clearly insane. We once tried playing two games of War on Terror in the same day. It almost broke us. Just the idea of playing four of our games within the space of less than a month makes us feel woozy. Nevertheless, they did it and claimed it was "utterly brilliant". Here is a rather wonderful video of them playing Mosqopoly:

P: You ready?
T: I'm ready!
P: One more blog post and I'll take you down, Terrorist!
T: Aaaah! Ha-ha-haaa!
P: Oh no!
T: The Giant Mosqtapus is overtaking New York!
P: Oh no!
T: A-ha-ha!
P: My babies are crying little bigoted tears!
T: Yeeees!

Extra points there for "little bigoted tears" and for the whole (totally surreal) 1920s vibe.

Extra points there for "little bigoted tears" and for the whole (totally unfathomable) 1920s vibe. In other news, it must be the season for TBG-related couple submissions as Daniel and his partner, Emily, sent in a picture of themselves absolutely SMASHING the naked transport challenge. Some people have balls. Real balls.

We think our challenges get a bit forgotten about, so come on folks, it really is that easy to win a free game. We've even added a Giant Mosqapus themed challenge for you to get your teeth sunk into.

Is it too late to say 9/11 - Never Forget? Thought so. We'll save that discussion for next year then. Class dismissed!

P.S. Harry also pointed out that Mosqopoly is a bit broken. He's right, the terrorists are too strong. We advise adjusting the terrorist meter so that the first level of attack is effectively nothing (so terrorists have to 'save up' at least once before attacking).


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