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17 Jan 2011

Academic recognition!

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January is "academia month", apparently. Hot on the heels of our talk on games and politics at the University of Newcastle, we've just heard the incredible news that War on Terror is part of a module at the University of Westminster!

Dr Richard Barbrook, who we know through his Class Wargames group and related game nights in London, is a senior lecturer of politics at the University of Westminster and this year he's running a new core module in "Political Simulation and Gaming" as part of their History & Politics BA. Check out the plan for Week 4!

After being referenced in several PHD theses, academic books and now War on Terror is on a university syllabus, what could possibly be the next step? Surely, War on Terror studies is an eventual inevitability?

Any takers?

EDIT: We just got word that the IT University of Copenhagen used War on Terror twice last year in game design modules, like this one (scroll down to September 28). If anyone else has any academic-related news to do with our games, we'd be fascinated to learn of it. Drop us a line!


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