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10 Jun 2012

TerrorBull team up with Acabo to bring their educational games to the UK

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Back in December last year at the Mill Rd Winter Fair, we were happy to see some fellow board game publishers holding a stall near ours. Not only that, but they were selling educational games. What are the odds? It was almost as if the Fates of Boardgame Publishing (they exist, check your mythology textbook) had thrown us together.

Acabo Games (for it was they) were selling the freshly printed English version of their science trivia game, The Art of Science. We thought it was all very good, but didn't think much more of it until we met down the pub later that evening and we got to actually play the game. (You see, the pub is the common element in all significant events). Well it frazzled our right-hemisphere-dominated brains, we can tell you that.

Expecting a rather feel-good, family Trivial Pursuits style game, we got instead a hardcore science grillingExpecting a rather feel-good, family Trivial Pursuits style game, we got instead a hardcore science grilling. We then learnt that the 2,000 questions were the work of an industrious team of Swedish Phd scientists and that our puny humanities degrees really didn't stand a chance.

But the most impressive thing was that we still had a great game. There are a couple of lovely, original twists on the trivia genre that make it engaging even if you're, well, scientifically challenged. For a start, the scoring system is such that you can weight your best subjects at the top, which means you'll be answering more questions in that subject. So by placing "misc" and "tech" right at the top of our score card, we had a fighting chance to compete against chemistry majors. The other interesting touch was the introduction of some "screw you" mechanics (always a favourite component here at TBG). So for example, if you land on another player's square, you can move them to a new square and thus force them to answer their least favourite category next turn.

TerrorBull Games take on The Art of Science

When Acabo said they were struggling to get the game into the UK market, the next step seemed obvious. While we admittedly don't know much about trivia games, we do recognise a quality game when we see it - and not just that, but a game with genuine educational intent, born out of love of sharing knowledge, rather than commercial greed. So TerrorBull Games are now the official suppliers of The Art of Science here in the UK. Check out the dedicated games page for more information. It's been getting some corking reviews and reception already. Perfect for your inner geek - or any scientist in your life.

Also, check out Acabo Games themselves. They have a great ethos and we've also had the pleasure of playing some of their other games, including a beautifully designed estimating/statistics game, which is several thousand times more fun than my description of it right there. We hope to be able to also bring you this game very soon.

Buy The Art of Science from the TerrorBull Shop now.


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