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05 Dec 2013

Last chance to get the War on Terror app with original music

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Hello! Yes we're back - not that you noticed. Did we receive a single email of concern at our absence? Just one enquiry after our well-being? Had we slipped and fallen awkwardly? Had some wild animal escaped and prevented us from getting to our keyboards? Who knows, because no one asked. You unfeeling wretches.

Don't feel bad though, you can make it up to us by downloading the War on Terror app. It's actually been 2 years since this came out and that means that the licence for Jarvis Cocker's magnificent 'Cunts Are Still Running The World' is going to expire in under a month. So if you want the original version with Cocker's best-penned song to play you out, you better grab it now before it disappears.

If you've already got the app, first of all thanks and second, we know what you're going to ask - what's with multiplayer? Well it's not dead, that's the good news. But it's also hard to say when (or if) it will ever transpire now that our developer is in another country. But it's something that everyone involved in the project wants to see, so you never know.

Anyway there's lots to catch up on. What have you been doing? Summer was good, wasn't it? Edward Snowden leaked a massive surveillance programme by the CIA. We almost went to war with Syria! Malala Yousafzai spoke at the UN. Miley Cyrus licked a hammer. It was all happening.

Meanwhile down in the TBG bunker we've had some big decisions to make. We'll write it up fully in another post as it may be useful to others at a similar juncture but essentially we worked out we'd be better off selling fewer games. So there'll be no more large print runs and no more large-scale games with balaclavas (sorry). What we're working on next is a small-scale card-based game that we'll be putting out as a limited run hopefully early next year.

More on that to come and other news too, but for now, go get the game. Go! Even if you don't have an i-thing, just randomly click buttons until you've managed to give us 69p. Thank you.


Posted by TerrorBull Games on 5 December 2013 - 6 comments

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Comments so far:

  1. Android...android? ;-)Andy from Germany - 5 December 2013
  2. Android, PLEASE!!!MDC from Ohio - 31 December 2013
  3. I have the board game and the app for IOS. I think you should create one for android and Windows 8 RT, Pretty please? or you will DIE infidels!Oliver from Chicago - 14 February 2014
  4. It appears that our lives are in danger unless we do an Android version of the WoT app. So while I've personally been motivated to work on this project for far less, I have to say we're rather dependent upon our lovely (but incredibly in demand) developer. But I have to be honest and say we're not pushing him either, it's one of those hard things to assign time to - we want to do it, but not nearly as much as we want to do new things. Such are the annoying pressures of time and money ...TerrorBull Games - 17 February 2014
  5. I have both your games, but I'm wondering, what are you up to now?Adil from NJ/CA - 27 March 2014
  6. I want to get the App for the War on Terror Boardgame. Is it still available. Can someone please email me on rob_skillin@yahoo.com.au. Thanks PS. It's obvious the Baby Sloth would come in very closely behind Tony Blair. Just look at the face on it. ;-)Robert Skillin from Australia - 11 April 2014

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