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05 Dec 2014

We did it! The Holy Chicken has smiled upon us

In a thrilling photo-finish last week, we just managed to achieve our Kickstarter target - and then exceed it by a £1000! In a very exciting development we also discovered 'The Chosen One', bringing all manner of prophesies to pass (and significantly helping us achieve our goal to boot).

It's hard to appreciate just how nerve-wracking it is running one of these things (and how much work) from the outside. Not that I'm moaning - Kickstarter and its ilk is a really exciting, collaborative and interesting way for small companies to raise funds. It looks like a win-win on the surface, although I have my slight reservations. It's almost become a victim of its own success and standing out from the crowd is phenomenally difficult. Still, we've learned enough to know that we'd do it again; so far it's suiting us.

The really hard work begins now! We've got to finish off the artwork (and the last 10% is always the most agonising and takes almost as long as the first 90% in our experience). To top it all, we've decided to pitch in some of our own money so that we can enlarge the game's capacity to a maximum of 8 players instead of 6. It's supposed to be a party game, after all, right?

Looking at it now, our hopes that it might be ready for Christmas were a little crazy, but hopefully early in 2015 we'll have a new game!

Many, many, many thanks to everyone who backed our campaign or gave support in all the many and varied ways you gave support. We literally couldn't do it without you. Thanks for believing in us and Egg be upon ye all.


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