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04 Apr 2015

The Hen Commandments final checks

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It's been a while - an update is definitely due. We've just been checking the proofs for The Hen Commandments and the point of no return is very close. It's always an anxious - but exciting - moment in the process.

We've had a lot of fun making this, our third major release and I have to say we're really happy with how it's turning out. Since we were deliberately making lower numbers than usual, we wanted The Hen Commandments to be a special object and I like to think we've achieved that; you certainly won't have seen a party game like it. Sadly it's not quite at the level we wanted as the egg timer is going to be plastic rather than wooden. But we're still on the search for a nice, wooden egg timer to complement the "old religious artifact" vibe we're after and if we're fortunate, we'll get a chance to do another run with a better timer later in the year.

Other significant changes include a move in manufacturer to Ludo Fact - which is partly why we've slipped 2 months behind schedule! For all our Kickstarter backers reading this, sorry! We do regret the delays - it was an important goal for us to bring our first Kickstarter in on schedule, but more important than that is getting the quality right and the choice of manufacturer is such a vital part of that equation. I've been very impressed with Ludo Fact so far but that's not really surprising -their reputation is excellent.

We've also managed to get a few extra games made so come June we'll have about 1,000 games to test the water with and see how it gets received. Since our stock is so limited I think we'll be restricting sales through the website - we'll make an announcement later this month when we're ready to open up preorders.

Until then, please enjoy this picture of artist, Tom Morgan-Jones in ceremonial Heninist headdress going over some of the proofs with an eagle eye (surely chicken eye - ed.)

Tom Morgan-Jones checks for irregularities

UPDATE: we are now completely sold out of War on Terror and Crunch. Unfortunately we don't have any current plans to reprint them, so that little (no, big!) part of TerrorBull history is now firmly closed.


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