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04 Apr 2015

The Hen Commandments final checks

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It's been a while - an update is definitely due. We've just been checking the proofs for The Hen Commandments and the point of no return is very close. It's always an anxious - but exciting - moment in the process.

We've had a lot of fun making this, our third major release and I have to say we're really happy with how it's turning out. Since we were deliberately making lower numbers than usual, we wanted The Hen Commandments to be a special object and I like to think we've achieved that; you certainly won't have seen a party game like it. Sadly it's not quite at the level we wanted as the egg timer is going to be plastic rather than wooden. But we're still on the search for a nice, wooden egg timer to complement the "old religious artifact" vibe we're after and if we're fortunate, we'll get a chance to do another run with a better timer later in the year.

Other significant changes include a move in manufacturer to Ludo Fact - which is partly why we've slipped 2 months behind schedule! For all our Kickstarter backers reading this, sorry! We do regret the delays - it was an important goal for us to bring our first Kickstarter in on schedule, but more important than that is getting the quality right and the choice of manufacturer is such a vital part of that equation. I've been very impressed with Ludo Fact so far but that's not really surprising -their reputation is excellent.

We've also managed to get a few extra games made so come June we'll have about 1,000 games to test the water with and see how it gets received. Since our stock is so limited I think we'll be restricting sales through the website - we'll make an announcement later this month when we're ready to open up preorders.

Until then, please enjoy this picture of artist, Tom Morgan-Jones in ceremonial Heninist headdress going over some of the proofs with an eagle eye (surely chicken eye - ed.)

Tom Morgan-Jones checks for irregularities

UPDATE: we are now completely sold out of War on Terror and Crunch. Unfortunately we don't have any current plans to reprint them, so that little (no, big!) part of TerrorBull history is now firmly closed.


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05 Dec 2014

We did it! The Holy Chicken has smiled upon us

In a thrilling photo-finish last week, we just managed to achieve our Kickstarter target - and then exceed it by a £1000! In a very exciting development we also discovered 'The Chosen One', bringing all manner of prophesies to pass (and significantly helping us achieve our goal to boot).

It's hard to appreciate just how nerve-wracking it is running one of these things (and how much work) from the outside. Not that I'm moaning - Kickstarter and its ilk is a really exciting, collaborative and interesting way for small companies to raise funds. It looks like a win-win on the surface, although I have my slight reservations. It's almost become a victim of its own success and standing out from the crowd is phenomenally difficult. Still, we've learned enough to know that we'd do it again; so far it's suiting us.

The really hard work begins now! We've got to finish off the artwork (and the last 10% is always the most agonising and takes almost as long as the first 90% in our experience). To top it all, we've decided to pitch in some of our own money so that we can enlarge the game's capacity to a maximum of 8 players instead of 6. It's supposed to be a party game, after all, right?

Looking at it now, our hopes that it might be ready for Christmas were a little crazy, but hopefully early in 2015 we'll have a new game!

Many, many, many thanks to everyone who backed our campaign or gave support in all the many and varied ways you gave support. We literally couldn't do it without you. Thanks for believing in us and Egg be upon ye all.


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27 Nov 2014

The Final Days Are Upon Us

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£12,294 pledged of £14,000 goal ... 27 hours to go

We're entering the 11th hour; judgement day; the end times; ... the next 24 hours will be crucial in deciding whether The Hen Commandments gets made or not.

Normally we'd say something philosophical about it being out of our hands; that the Great Egg knows best and whatever It wills, shall be, in-shell-ah. And the Holy Chicken will surely bless it. A-hen*.

BUT at the risk of being sacriligious, might we suggest that we can all give providence a helping hand by getting out there and spreading the Good Word. There are just 333 backers right now; obviously we can't save everyone, but I think we can attract a few more good eggs for the Holy Chicken.

Before we go, we'll leave you with this marvellous piece of hate-literature that landed on our doorstep just last week from a very enlightened individual who has been busy bravely forcing his anonymous opinion on the citizens of Cambridge:

If you can't see this image, count yourself lucky; it's nothing but hate and bullshit If you can't see this image, count yourself lucky; it's nothing but hate and bullshit

If we're looking to highlight anything with this game, it's shit like this: The author of the above piece is (we have to assume) well-intentioned. He's not doing it to horrify and offend people; he's doing it because a mixture of arrogance, power-lust and poor interpretation has lead him to believe this is not just the right course of action, but the only one, because he (and let's face it; it's going to be a he) is convinced he has God on his side.

We'd like to think that had the author of this pamphlet played The Hen Commandments and played with the fragility of the written word, laughing at how easy it was to tweak meaning, to bend anything to your own advantage... then maybe, just maybe he might have a little less God-given certainty backing him up next time he wanted to take his own frustrations out on the population at large.

Please help us get The Hen Commandments made: http://kck.st/1Gk3vGO

* Special thanks to Lauren for graciously and generously licencing use of "A-hen" to us.


Posted by TerrorBull Games on 27 November 2014 - 3 comments

Comments so far:

  1. Found out about kickstarter yesterday, browsing the games sections today. One game appealed to my love of humorous and socially risqué board games - The Hen Commandments. I knew I was into a winner when I realised Terrorbull were involved. By the time I found out about this you were fully funded and according to the proposal on kickstarter you may not be marketing the game widely! I want to throw my money at you (and hopefully receive this game in return) - please tell me there's a way that I can do that! Nicola Nicolabroon@googlemail.comNicola from UK - 30 November 2014
  2. We want your game. Thirty quid is a bit steep for people in PL but we're getting bored here in the mountains with the Hare and the Tortoise.Tricky Dickie from Poland - 4 April 2015
  3. Well Tricky Dickie, you're in luck because it's not £30, it's just £21.95 ... but then you're also out of luck because right now you can only get it in the UK. Sorry about that - we hope it'll be successful enough that we can spread the Good Word of Heninism far and wide, but right now we don't know when (or if) that might happen.TerrorBull Games - 30 April 2015

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04 Nov 2014

The Hen Commandments is now live on Kickstarter!

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As was fortold in the Prophecy, our new, chicken-based, religion-building game - The Hen Commandments - is now live on Kickstarter.

You may feel that a new religion is the last thing you need in your life, but Heninism is different - it's matriarchal, pacifist, animal-loving... and it's perfect if you have 3-8 friends, (holy) wine and 45 minutes to spare.

If you want to be rewarded by the Holy Chicken in the afterlife* then please check out our Kickstarter campaign - you can get involved from as little as £1, with the get-the-game pledge at £20. However, there are many other tasty and tempting pledge levels with goodies ranging from getting yourself illustrated into the game to nabbing one of the very last 100 copies of edition 1 War on Terror, which is now completely sold out and out of print (and popping up on Ebay for over £100).

We can't do it without you, please help us spread the Good Word. Thank you very much!

Check out The Hen Commandments on Kickstarter.

The Hen Commandments on Kickstarter

* disclaimer: there may be no afterlife.


Posted by TerrorBull Games on 4 November 2014 - 2 comments

Comments so far:

  1. Kickstarter...credit card only :/André from Germany - 11 November 2014
  2. Andre, sorry about that. Kickstarter don't allow paypal which is annoying. They do allow debit cards though... or you could just wait until it's on general release (hopefully soon).TerrorBull Games - 28 November 2014

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13 Oct 2014

Oh yeah, we've got a new game

Gallery snapshot. View gallery of Oh yeah, we've got a new game

We've been as negligent as a Rotherham councilor of late - no blog or newsletter for nigh on 6 months, not a peep on Twitter and only the faintest, non-committal murmur on Facebook. What's been going on?

Well we've actually been busy game designing of all things. There's lots to catch up on, but we've just completed some educational game commissions for CAFOD and SOAS (more on that later) and are in the process of working on a rather exciting experiment at the BFI next year.

BUT, even more amazing than all that, we've also been finalising the testing and development of our new game, The Hen Commandments. Five years on from the release of our last, physical game, Crunch, we thought it was high time we brought out a follow-up.

The thing is, despite some entertaining successes with War on Terror and Crunch, we were still languishing in relative obscurity. What could bring us the popularity and riches that we crave? We asked ourselves. For some reason, games about the hypocrisy of imperialism and the failure of capitalism hadn't brought us friends and fame...

So we turned to religion.

And that religion is Heninism. A lesser-known, matriarchal religion which is best known for having a bizarre and disputed trinity consisting of the Holy Chicken, The Great Egg Above and (according to some Heninists), A Greater Chicken Above That.

In The Hen Commandments players are disciples charged with interpreting the often obscure messages emanating forth from The Holy Chicken via the medium of encoded eggs. It's played over 10 rounds and the winner gets to keep the resulting 10 commandments and proceed into the world to start his or her own distinct sect of Heninism.

Quite unusually for us, it can be explained and learned in about a minute. We didn't set out with this goal, but The Hen Commandments might be the ideal drinking game. It was tested with varying groups largely in a pub setting - and, if I'm honest, mostly conceived and developed there too. It brings people together, encourages absurdity, silliness and just the right amount of awkward uncomfortableness. And quite unusually for us, it can be explained and learned in about a minute.

When, What, How?

It's all done! We're just finalising the artwork and need to get it made. However, because we drank most of our remaining funds during testing of the game, we're going to need to crowd-source the production of The Hen Commandments and to that end we're putting together the last bits we need for a Kickstarter campaign, which will commence in the next couple of weeks.

While we're just pulling the last bits together, we'll leave you with a few early peaks at the artwork as it stands ...

The Hen Commandments
detail 1 detail 2


Posted by TerrorBull Games on 13 October 2014 - 2 comments

Comments so far:

  1. I'd like to point out your bot checker might be confusing for animal/alien/insect rights activists who know more about Verhoeven than global politics. Also yay, new game!Pete from London - 13 October 2014
  2. So happy to see you guys back on it - YES!!!Jasper from Cornwall - 1 November 2014

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