Talks, Lectures and Panels

Andrew Sheerin is a seasoned and specialist speaker in all matters where politics and traditional games intersect. From the history of board games as learning tools, to the use of games as subversion and protest. If you'd like to book Andrew to speak at a relevant event, don't hesitate to get in touch with dates and details -

Apologies for the poor qaulity of these; we should really get our act together and take a decent recording at one of these events.

Resurrecting the forgotten tradition of the political board game [60 mins]

The history of games as political and educational tools, why games are so suited to representing "real life" and a bit of theory about the nature of games, play and why we respond to it so profoundly

Dangerous Games: An alternative history of board games [16 mins]

A condensed look at the history of board games, from the very first recorded examples, up to the modern day, with some TerrorBull case studies, talking about how we fit into this long-lived and intriguing pastime

Are Games Becoming Part of Our Political Landscape? [15 mins]

A short talk on how games and "reality" intersect and how the boundary between play and real life can easily be disrupted.

DIGRA 2011 panel - what is the modern board game? [68 mins]

Skip to 26 minutes for some rather interesting discussion between Reiner Knizia and Andrew Sheerin about the War on Terror (Knizia believes games should never deal with dark subjects).


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