Mosqopoly overview:
"Terrorist mosque-builders vs outraged public in a battle for Lower Manhattan"
2 players
20 minutes
12+ yrs

Following the craziness surrounding the 'Ground Zero Mosque', we decided to make another print-and-play game. You know what they say, ridicule is the third-best weapon against ignorance; vigilance and education being the first two (strangely, Wikipedia has the AK-47 listed as #4).

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This is a Printable Game

All you need to do is download the game files, print them off and you're good to go. Any boards, playing tokens, cards etc. are included in the files, but you may need to source some other bits yourself - typically dice, paper & some coins as counters.

Game Files

You will need: Scissors; 30x coins

Mosqopoly - board in high res jpeg Mosqopoly - bits and pieces sheet in high res jpeg
Mosqopoly - instructions sheet in high res jpeg

Download: The Entire Game (PDF 14Mb) or separate sheets: Game board (PDF 5mb | JPEG 1.1Mb), Bits & Pieces (PDF 4.8Mb | JPEG 1mb), Instructions (PDF 4Mb | JPEG 860Kb)

"Many people thought the attacks of 9/11 were about terror, but the truth is far more sinister. Yesterday, extreme Muslimists built a Giant Mosque, planted like a victory flag, at Ground Zero. That's right, the flattening of the World Trade Center nine years ago was part of a broader Islamofacist terror plot designed to circumvent local planning laws and lower the notoriously expensive NYC ground rent at the same time. Why? So that the entirety of downtown Manhattan can be turned into the world's biggest mosque - a project they refer to as The Giant Mosqtapus. If we don't stop this Megamosque now, it's tentacles will strangle the life out of this, the greatest city, in the greatest country on earth. Only you can stop Mosqopoly!"

About Mosqopoly

Mosqopoly is a stupid game of racism, hysteria and bigoted falsehoods, so perfect for breaking out at those tea-party meetings we know you secretly attend:

The premise is simple. If the building of the Cordoba Cultural Center really is the ultimate victory for Al Qaeda, then we have to conclude that 9/11 was all about making room for such a centre. And that kind of makes sense. You know what New York bureaucracy's like. It'd take forever to get planning permission for a 13-floor mosque at the WTC .... unless .... unless it's a building site anyway. Then, hey, the bulldozers are already there. May as well build something in its place, right?

First they came for our freedom, then they came for our women, then they came to disregard our local planning laws ...

As ludicrous as you may think this all is, it's worth bearing in mind that Noam Chomsky says he's "never seen anything like it". Glenn Beck's Christ complex has finally got out of control, angry mobs are harassing any dark-skinned man who happens to stray within half a mile of Ground Zero, Muslim taxi drivers are being stabbed and mosques are being burnt down. Never underestimate the power of organised ignorance.


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