The Hen Commandments

The Hen Commandments

The Hen Commandments overview:
"She lays the law, you make the rules"
3 to 8 players
45 minutes
15+ yrs

The Hen Commandments is probably the only chicken-based, religion-building party game in existence. This is a good thing.

The Hen Commandments
  • 30 seconds to learn; impossible to master
  • Create a new religion in 45 minutes
  • Games range from profane to profound
  • Improves with (holy) wine
  • Try our online chicken wisdom generator:

Years ago, in a practice called Alectryomancy, chickens were used to divine the future. Today, as fortold in the prophecy known as the 'Second Clucking', a holy chicken is laying eggs with mysterious messages on them; they are new commandments for a new future... THE HEN COMMANDMENTS!

You are a disciple of Heninism, a little known and overlooked religion. It is your duty to interpret the holy chicken's confused commandments and convince all the other disciples that your reading is the correct one.

Try the online chicken wisdom generator to get an idea of the game.


The Hen Commandments contains:
168 Egg Commandment Cards, 64 Virtue Cards, 8 Divine Inspiration Cards, 20 Pieces of Holy Corn, 60-second Egg Timer, Commandment Record Pad, Rulesheet, 12-page 'Concise History of Heninism' booklet

The Hen Commandments - game contents (prototype; actual components may vary Please note: this is a prototype; actual components will look different and vary (the egg timer, alas, isn't wooden... yet)

The Hen Commandments is perfect for... disciples of the Holy Chicken, group game situations, a quick filler (you can play just a few rounds if you want), the pub when conversation runs dry, an ice-breaker activity, linguists, religious scholars, philosophy students, bringing together people of all races, cultures and spiritual beliefs.

How to Play The Hen Commandments

There's a video below explaining the rules but if you can't be bothered to watch Andrew blathering on (and we don't blame you), here it is written down: It's dead simple...

The Hen Commandments - some of the Virtue cards

The Laying: The Holy Chicken lays 6 eggs, on each is written a word that together form a commandment

The Reading: All disciples have 1 minute to select the virtue card they think best covers the commandment

The Preaching: Disciples reveal their chosen virtue card and each disciple with a unique virtue gets a further minute to explain their reading of the commandment in detail, with regard to their virtue.

The Judgement: All the other disciples become judges for the round, and vote on which disciple gave the most compelling explanation of the commandment.

The Reward: The disciple who gets the most votes is rewarded with 2 pieces of corn. Or, if the vote is split, those disciples get 1 piece of corn each.

Canonisation: Play ten rounds, each time revealing a new commandment. The disciple who has collected the most corn is made into a Saint and rewarded with the record of all 10 commandments so they can go forth and start their own sect of Heninism.


You can view all our videos on our YouTube channel.

Andrew Sheerin, designer of The Hen Commandments, explains how to play the game

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Where to Buy The Hen Commandments

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